About Us
Aleksandra Gosteva
PGDipHealSc, MHealSc, MEdPsyc, MA AT (Clinical), PGDipEPP 
MNZPSS Registered Psychologist
Aleksandra is a Registered Psychologist, Play Therapist, and the founder and Director of the Child and Family Play Therapy Centre. She offers professional training, clinical  supervision, and mentoring in the areas of Play and Arts Therapy and has developed a Play Therapy training programme designed specifically for New Zealand teachers. 
She received her Play Therapy training in Europe and further completed her Masters in Health Sciences at the Health Sciences Centre at the University of Canterbury. The focus of her thesis is the use of Play Therapy with children with learning and behaviour difficulties. 
Aleksandra has had over 16 years experience working in a range of roles with children, families, and whānau. She has specialist training in the DIR model and Floortime™ therapy for children with complex needs, including learning difficulties, physical and intellectual disabilities, and mental health problems, and is a trained Incredible Years Parenting Programme facilitator. She regularly provides professional development to parents, teachers and professionals on a range of topics. 
Lena Stewart
BSc, BSLP(Hons), PGDipHealSc (EI), MEd
Lena is a registered Speech and Language Therapist and Early Intervention Specialist. She has completed a specialised training programme in the area of specific learning disabilities, and is a trained Incredible Years Parenting Programme facilitator. Lena has also completed her postgraduate training in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorders through the University of Canterbury.
Lena has 15 years of experience working with children with complex learning and developmental needs. 

Alexey Gostev

Alexey is a video and graphic designer who produces high quality demonstration videos for our play therapy training programmes. In our play therapy training we use modeling video vignettes as one of the core learning methods for training adults in play therapy skills. Alexey's creativity and professionalism ensures that our training videos are memorable, meaningful and generate good group discussion, self-reflection and collaborative learning.

Larisa Weinberg
BA (Journalism)

Larisa is our administrator. She helps our team work as efficiently as possible by being responsible for handling enquirers, managing travel arrangements, helping to organise events and generally making sure that things run smoothly in our centre. She has a vital part to play in making of our clients happy.