Our Services
Our team offers practical assistance for parents, whānau and caregivers who may have concerns about their child's behaviour, social and emotional difficulties. We provide play therapy, parenting advice and information for parents and caregivers of children from 2 years through to primary school age. This includes:
Child Centred Play Therapy
Play Therapy may be helpful in addressing diverse social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in children. Some of these may include:
·behaviour problems (aggression, non-compliance, tantrums);
·social difficulties (difficulties making friends, frequent peer conflicts);
·emotional problems (difficulties understanding  and expressing emotions,  low self-esteem);
·family changes (traumatic accident, separation, divorce, adoption);
·developmental concerns.
Our Play Therapy sessions are held in a specially designed Play Room equipped with developmentally appropriate toys and art materials. Play Therapy sessions can also be offered for children in their early childhood centre and can be embedded into the centre daily routines and curriculum.
Family Consultations
We offer one-on-one friendly consultations for parents. Our consultations aim at providing you with simple and effective strategies for dealing with common childhood behaviour problems. These strategies can often be specifically tailored to the specific needs of your child, family and whānau.
Our specialists are able to come to your home, or your child’s early childhood centre to make an assessment and offer practical solutions to address issues your child may be facing.

Play Therapy Training
The Child and Family Play Therapy Centre is a provider of professional Play Therapy training in New Zealand. We offer high quality specialised training programmes for teachers, early intervention and mental health professionals wishing to use play therapy in their practice.
We are committed to training practitioners in the expanding field of play therapy with a specialisation in the use of play in education settings. Please visit our Play Therapy Training page for further information about our training programmes.